Dear younger me


Hello: it’s the older version of you!

I won’t show you a photo or you’ll freak out, because guess what? You get old and wrinkly too. Sorry: something of a spoiler alert, there. Continue reading “Dear younger me”


Social media struggles


I’d forgotten to bring a magazine to read and someone else had already nabbed the Starbucks newspapers.

I sat down with my steaming soy latte and wondered how I was going to distract myself for the next twenty minutes or so. Because there’s a limit to the length of time you can gaze around a packed coffee shop before people start wondering what the heck you’re looking at. Continue reading “Social media struggles”

I like you & I love you


“I like you and I love you.”

I peeled up the beautiful Maggie Holmes sticker. Gold foil on a minty green background: stunning and so very me.

But something made me hesitate about sticking it into my Bible.

I knew God loved me – He’d made me, He kind of had to, right? – but *like* me? I wasn’t feeling especially likeable right now. I carefully placed the sticker back down on to it’s sheet for someone else in my group to use and turned to the next page of the sticker book. Continue reading “I like you & I love you”