Spirituality | A rub on the back & a kick up the butt


I have a hunch that we make things harder than they need to be a lot of the time.

In our scrapbooking, we beat ourselves up if we’re not as productive as the next girl. We feel like a failure if we don’t make our dream Design Team.

We’re forever putting something out there so people don’t forget us. We tie ourselves up in knots over comments, popularity, likes and subscribers.

We run after the latest ‘it’ line, convinced that it will revolutionise our style and make our layouts magically come together.

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Spirituality | Traffic light God


I suppose a good example of it might be our cottage that took four years to sell (yes, you read that right: half my daughter’s little life).

That might have been God saying, “wait”.

It might just as easily have been the voice of common sense saying, “Don’t buy an ancient house without a proper survey,” but you know; we had to wait and we did learn stuff in the waiting. Continue reading