Simplicity | Festive contentment


It’s a tough time of year to not get swept up in being all about the stuff, isn’t it? I keep thinking of the line in that song, “How much baby, do we really need?”

For us people of faith especially, it makes sense to be a little intentional at this time of the year and not get caught up in media pressure to over-consume.

Our focus is on celebrating our Saviour’s birthday wholeheartedly and festively – but with plenty of thought for others¬†less fortunate too.
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Simplicity | Fun festive prep


I’m not even going to apologise for posting about Christmas in October. Because this is how I roll: I *love* getting organised. For me, getting prepared is only fun when it’s not stressful, so the prep starts super-early and that means it stays super-fun too.

I’m not all about doing Christmas especially easily, but I am about keeping it fun and affordable. That way, we can better remember the lovely reason behind all the celebrations…
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Simplicity | Tips for battling the autumn blues


It seems that it’s often the times when we feel the least energetic and motivated that we most need to give ourselves a bit of a push. My mental health always takes a hit at this time of the year, but I refuse to just roll over.

Unless the sadness is the medically diagnosed sort (in which case pop to the docs: absolutely no shame in that… I’ve certainly been there over the years), there are some small steps we can take to fight back.

Here’s some of my tips for dragging the sun back out…
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Simplicity | Why me & IG are “on a break”


I was standing on the empty beach, just me, the seagulls and the soul-lulling rhythmic crashing of the waves. The sun was just starting to peek above the rooftops, sending gorgeous sparkling reflections over the still-wet sand.

I inhaled deeply: this was living. This was feeling alive. This was Рme, itching to get back home so I could photograph my latest layout and start all the likes coming in.

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