Scrapbooking | Easy-breezy creativity


I’m not exactly sure what’s changed, but these days, I’m finding that my crafty sessions need to be short and sweet.

It’s perhaps finding a better balance to my days: realising that to flourish, I need to be getting myself outside regularly and keeping on top of things – at least a little bit – in my home.

So here are some of my top tips for keeping scrapbooking sessions easy, breezy and lots of fun… Continue reading

Scrapbooking | Not shopping: not happy


Here are the reasons I *so* want to shop right now:

1. I’m getting down to the really boring stuff in my box

Although I snip all my stickers from their sheets so I can’t just use all the good stuff in one go, I quickly worked out that if I rummage for long enough, I do hit Maggie Holmes-gold eventually.

But the gold is all gone, people. All gone.

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