Spirituality | Holley thoughts 1


I’m taking some time during the run up to Christmas to read and reflect on Holley Gerth’s lovely devotional, “Do You Know You’re Already Amazing?”

Without giving away the content of the book, here’s the first post of a few thoughts I’d like to share – today thinking about the chapter, “You’re not Invisible.”

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Spirituality | Faith-based creative callings


I wonder if you have an on-going project that feels more like a calling than just something you fancy doing because it’s fun?

In this post, I’d like to share a few thoughts for those of you who are either in the thick of such an undertaking, or sensing that gentle push from God to step bravely into something new, be that a faith-based group, podcast, video channel or online community. Continue reading

Simplicity | Festive contentment


It’s a tough time of year to not get swept up in being all about the stuff, isn’t it? I keep thinking of the line in that song, “How much baby, do we really need?”

For us people of faith especially, it makes sense to be a little intentional at this time of the year and not get caught up in media pressure to over-consume.

Our focus is on celebrating our Saviour’s birthday wholeheartedly and festively – but with plenty of thought for others┬áless fortunate too.
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